Singer Tatyana Kurtukova called SHAMAN’s success a farce 19:10

Singer Tatyana Kurtukova confessed in a conversation “Channel Five”who considered the success of his colleague Yaroslav Dronov (SHAMAN) as nonsense.

Kurtukova said that very few folk artists can become legendary and reach such heights as Shaman. She thinks that this is nonsense for the industry. The singer also noted that Dronov had a hard time on the road.

“Yaroslav has repeatedly told how long it took him to fight his way. It is very difficult to start a career in show business with folk music, and even become a megastar,” the artist noted.

Dronov performed in the program “Factor A” in 2013, and in the project “The Voice” in 2014. The artist took the stage name Shaman in 2020. The singer became known for his patriotic-themed compositions.

On June 24, the European Union imposed sanctions on Russian singer Shaman, artist Polina Gagarina and actor Ivan Okhlobystin. Dronov himself Reacted He quotes the song “I am Russian” in response to the European Union’s sanctions against him. July 4 Google blocked The artist’s YouTube channel.

Previously Gazmanov described himself as the owner of all sanctions.

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Source: Gazeta


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