Borodina’s ex-husband boasted of having a car worth almost 40 million rubles 16:32

Businessman and blogger Kurban Omarov boasted Telegram channel a new car.

Omarov published a video showing how he and his wife Valeria arrived at a car dealership. In the video, an entrepreneur prepares documents for a new car. He bought a dark blue Mercedes-Benz SUV for 39 million 700 thousand rubles.

Valeria congratulated her husband on the purchase on social networks.

“My dear, I want to sincerely congratulate you on this purchase. I share your love of cars and I look forward to the trips we plan together behind the wheel,” said the businessman’s wife.

Omarov became famous after marrying TV presenter Ksenia Borodina. They were married from 2015 to 2021. They have a daughter named Theon from their union. The businessman also has a son named Omar from his first marriage.

Omarov spoke about his relationship with Valeria in 2022. In May 2024, the businessman married his lover. In July, the entrepreneur admitted that he was in a relationship with Valeria while married. The girl left her husband as soon as she found out about him. Lobster statedthat it took six months for him to return to his beloved.

Previously Borodina responded harshly to the statement that she could not forget her ex-husband.

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Source: Gazeta


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