Vika Tsyganova announced the size of her pension 14:17

Singer Vika Tsyganova admitted that her pension is 10 thousand 600 rubles. The words of the 60-year-old artist are quoted

“Generally, I just go to the salon, dye my hair, cover my gray hair, so I can go on stage with a neat look,” the artist said.

The artist said that she did not receive a bonus from the mayor of Moscow, because she lives in the Moscow region, not in the capital. Also, Tsyganova does not have the titles of Honored or People’s Artist of Russia. The singer stated that she is no longer trying to get the highest honorary title of the Russian Federation, as she does not want to “get mixed up in the same company” with the current people’s artists.

“I am ashamed. I believe that representatives of show business, which firmly established itself 30 years ago under the slogan ‘take everything from life’, are corrupting our society,” Tsyganova said.

Recently Alexander Pankratov-Cherny named the amount of your pension. The 75-year-old People’s Artist of the Russian Federation called the size of the state payment ridiculous – 17,600 rubles. He added that he also received a bonus from the Moscow City Hall in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

Previously the lead singer of the band “Moral Code” parole from the hospital.

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Source: Gazeta


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