Nikita Kologrivy will play the leader of the dwarves in the new comedy 01:34

Actor Nikita Kologrivy got the main role in the new adventure comedy “Treasures” dwarfs“Directed by Alexander Babaev (“Secret Santa Claus”). Information about this was provided by the press service of the distribution company “Our Cinema”, RBC writes.

The plot of the film tells the story of a failed businessman named Roma, who decides to resort to fraud with the will of a lonely old man in order to pay off his debts due to a failed business. However, along with the house and land, he inherits four dwarfs who have an incredible ability to find treasures that can only be used for good purposes.

The main character dreams of wealth and convinces the dwarves to search for a legendary treasure that will last him his entire life.

Actor Nikita Kologrivy has already released several videos from the set. The film also stars Anastasia Ukolova, Vladimir Sychev, Alisa Rudenko, Mikhail Orlov and Andrei Sviridov. Previously, Kologrivy and Ukolova starred together in the TV series “Combination”, where they played the roles of the group’s producer and one of the soloists, respectively.

The script for the film was written by Vasily Rovensky, Elvira Bushtets and Fyodor Bushtets, and the music will be created by Anton Gryzlov. The producers will be Vasily Rovensky and Maxim Rogalsky. The premiere of the film “Treasures of the Dwarves” is expected on May 29, 2025. Shooting will take place in Moscow and the surrounding area in July, after which the animation will begin in post-production.

Previously Kologravi suspicious in the new novel.

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Source: Gazeta


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