Bianca supported Alsou during the divorce 16:00

Bianca supported Alsou during the divorce 16:00

Singer Bianca criticized the act of businessman Yan Abramov, who is suspected of cheating on singer Alsou. His words are transmitted by the Telegram channel “Zvezdach”.

“There are so many kids who would do this! Well, this is just nonsense,” the artist said angrily.

Bianca emphasized that her colleague always evokes good feelings in her, as she looks feminine and “very beaded.”

The day before became knownHe said that Alsou filed a lawsuit against her husband over the division of jointly acquired property. Most likely, the star couple will share Moscow apartments in an elite residential complex on Leningradskoye Shosse, a four-story mansion on Rublevka, a country house in Crimea with a private beach and its own mosque, as well as an apartment in London.

Alsou filed for divorce from Yan Abramov in May 2024. A month later, the singer hinted at the veracity of rumors about her husband’s affair with Anastasia Reshetova. The actress left a comment under the news with the title “She’s lying”, in which she noted that the model “doesn’t look at a married man.” The artist publicly called Abramov’s mistress the girl of the oldest profession.

Previously Nyusha acceptedThis changed after I divorced my husband.

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Source: Gazeta


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