Sukhankina refused to apologize to Gulkina over the case 12:58

Singer Margarita Sukhankina said that she will not apologize to Natalya Gulkina because of the lawsuit filed against her for about 6 million rubles. Her words were quoted “StarHit”.

“What exactly is my fault? <...> “It seems that Natalya and I have different understandings of the events. So what kind of apology can we talk about? Everything happened the way it happened,” said the artist.

He noted that he went to the interview that became the reason for the lawsuit after Gulkina’s “attacks”. According to Sukhankina, in that conversation he only responded to the attacks. The former soloist of Mirage claimed that Gulkina was doing black PR for herself with the trial.

“As you know, the court is like this, now Natalia will comment at every meeting. It seems that one has no other reason to attract attention,” he explained.

Sukhankina also noted that she has no complaints against her colleague, as she has long forgiven him for everything and does not hold a grudge.

Gulkina recently It has been saidsaid that he would withdraw the lawsuit against Sukhankina if the celebrity apologized publicly. The singer stressed that he tolerated Sukhankina for seven years. The singers have not worked together for 13 years, but his Mirage colleague still continues to “bite” him in public.

July 2 became knownHe said that Natalya Gulkina filed a lawsuit against Sukhankina for the protection of honor and dignity in the amount of 5,920,080 rubles. The reason for this was an interview with the artist Alena Zhigalova, in which she called Gulkina a woman “weak in the front”, talked about her love for young men, “practically children”, etc.

Previously Alsou filed a claim against the spouse for the division of jointly acquired property.

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Source: Gazeta


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