Baretsky explained the move to Pugacheva: “Galkin is just afraid” 17:30

Showman Stas Baretsky said that he hired security for the safety of Alla Pugacheva’s husband Maxim Galkin (known as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation). His words were reported by the publication

“Most likely Galkin is just scared and that’s all. As far as I know, they don’t like him very much abroad, – explained Baretsky.

The showman also noted that there were no “secret plans” against the Pugacheva family abroad. Baretsky also did not rule out that the artist decided to hire a security guard because of her words about plans to live with him.

“Apparently, she is afraid of someone after my words that she and I will be together,” the showman emphasized.

Lately became knownPugacheva will leave Cyprus for a secure apartment in Jurmala. Her children should be with her: 10-year-old twins Elizabeth and Harry. It is not known whether Galkin will follow Pugacheva.

From July 26 to 28 in Latvia, the singer Laima Vaikule festival will be held, to which Alla Pugacheva was invited. Seen There are rumours that the artist will sing at the event, but the concert hall was reportedly only about 30% full during the three-day festival.

Leps’ ex-fiancee Aurora Kiba stateddoes not see itself as the singer’s new issue.

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Source: Gazeta


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