It became clear who Sasha Stone was dating after breaking up with Sysoeva 17:53

It became clear who Sasha Stone was dating after breaking up with Sysoeva 17:53

Sasha Stone’s representative denied in interview “StarHit”in which the blogger appeared at the opening of one of the restaurants of the Coffeemania chain with his new girlfriend.

“Iskender was at this event with two of his close friends and the fiancée of one of them,” he explained.

On July 3, the Telegram channel “Secular Babes LIVE” reported that Sasha Stone (Alexander Zarubin – real name) appeared at one of the events with a new girl. Journalists claimed that the blogger and actress Sysoeva are no longer together.

Later Life edition quoted from Shot WroteSasha Stone owes the Federal Tax Service (FTS) 876 thousand rubles. It was reported that if the debt is not paid, the blogger’s accounts may be blocked and she may be banned from traveling abroad.

Later Zarubin she made a jokeHe said his mood was rising by the minute because in two days they came with a new girl and debts. He explained that it was “neither this nor that”.

Sasha Stone gained wide popularity after the project “Stars in Africa”, where she became one of the scandalous participants. In 2024, she starred in the extreme show “Survival in Dubai”.

Previously Nyusha and Sivov denied without compromise.

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Source: Gazeta


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