Leonid Kanevsky explained why he moved to Israel in the 90s 19:06

Actor and TV presenter Leonid Kanevsky admitted in an interview with Sasha Sulim that one of the reasons for moving from Russia to Israel was the difficult situation in the 90s.

Kanevsky went to Israel in 1995 to participate in the creation of the Gesher Theater.

“First of all, why did I accept such an invitation, because in the 89-90s there were empty theaters in the theater, and I met Natasha (Kanevsky’s daughter – socialbites.ca) in the Palace of Pioneers, because it was dangerous to walk the streets. It was a very funny time,” the artist shared.

The second reason was Kanevsky’s desire to participate in the creation of the theater from scratch at the age of 56. The artist explained that he first visited Israel in December 1990 with concerts as part of his future theater.

“We traveled all over the country. The halls were packed. It was obvious how much people missed the theatre, Russian art, the things they were used to,” he said.

Kanevsky admitted that he did not regret his choice. He called the Gesher Theater wonderful. According to the actor, his group toured all over the world.

Previously Leonid Kanevsky noted that Mironov had high taste and style.

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Source: Gazeta


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