“A Boy’s Word” star describes the atmosphere on set 17:11

Actor Leon Kemstach said in a speech: HABER.ruThe film crew of the series “The Boy’s Word.” Blood on the asphalt” behaved like a family.

According to Kemstach, working is much more enjoyable for him when there is camaraderie among the crew during filming. According to him, the work goes smoothly.
“When you understand each other perfectly, it’s amazing,” the artist shared.

Leon Kemstach played the main character Andrei Palto in the series. For this role he received an award in the category “Breakthrough Actor of the Year” from the FashionTV channel “Fashion New Year Awards 2023”.

The premiere of the first part of “Words of a Child” took place in online cinemas on November 8, 2023, and the final part was released on December 21. The scriptwriter of the project, Andrei Zolotarev, noted that he understood the possible success of the film, but did not expect the scale to be so large.

It was announced in June will come out “Documentary about the series “Oğlanın Sözü”. There is blood on the asphalt.” No definite release date has been given for the project yet, but it has been noted that it will be released in July. The film will tell how large-scale fight scenes were shot, what Coat always has in his pocket, and other secrets of the project will be shared.

Previously The scriptwriter of “A Child’s Word” explained the reason for the series’ success.

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