Pankratov-Cherny announced the amount of his pension 11:43

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Pankratov-Cherny spoke about the size of his pension on the sidelines of the 1st Antares International Film Festival in Sochi. nail

The 75-year-old actor called the size of the basic pension – 17,600 rubles – ridiculous.

“Therefore, I am very grateful to Moscow Mayor Sobyanin for the additional payment of 30 thousand rubles paid to national and honored artists living in Moscow. <...> “Moreover, almost all folk artists are middle-aged people. Everyone’s pension is low, and medicine is expensive now,” he said.

With the mayor’s allowance, the pension of Moscow players is 47 thousand 600 rubles. He added that if actors’ health conditions do not allow them to act in films, they look for other income; For example, one day another artist dropped him off at the airport.

“It turned out that he was a driver. But this is a dangerous profession; competition is fierce. God forbid, conflict. But taxi drivers do not understand whether you are a public person, an artist or an artist; you are a competitor, you took the passenger away from you,” he thinks.

The day before Valery Syutkin named a worthy pension.

Formerly political scientist to create Kanye West’s visit to Russia sends a message to US show business.

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Source: Gazeta


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