Fedunkiv mocked Galkin’s marriage to Pugacheva 12:37

Actress and comedian Marina Fedunkiv ridiculed the parodist Maxim Galkin (known in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent) in the program “Natal Map”.

The host of the show, Olesya Ivanchenko, suggested how Fedunkiv might have behaved in his past life. According to him, the artist may have lived in a marriage of convenience.

“There may be a woman who leaves for comfort without love, playing in public… There may be conflicts in public that are covered up with imaginary harmony,” the presenter said.

Fedunkiv joked that such behavior suits Galkin in his relationship with Pugacheva.

“You just described someone like Galkin,” the comedian said.

Pugacheva and Galkin got married in December 2011. In September 2013, they gave birth to twins – son Harry and daughter Elizabeth. After the start of Russia’s special operation against Ukraine, Prima Donna flew from Russia to Israel with her children and husband.

After leaving Russia, Pugacheva hit out at her critics and ill-wishers, calling for her to be added to the list of foreign agents after her husband. She said people who did not love her were “serfs, but they became slaves.”

Previously The producer said whether Pugacheva will come to the Vaikule festival.

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Source: Gazeta


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