Anna Khilkevich changed her daughter’s name 16:53

Actress Anna Khilkevich said that guardianship authorities allowed her to change the name of her youngest daughter Masha to Anna-Maria. She reported this on Instagram (her owner, Meta, is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned).

“We were ordered to get a certificate with a new name for Mashenka. Let’s go to celebrate,” he said.

According to Khilkevich, Anna-Maria likes the new name and it suits her.

Anna Khilkevich is married to businessman Arthur Martirosyan. They have been married for almost nine years. The couple have two daughters: Arianna, who is eight years old, and Maria, who will turn six at the end of August.

Star of “University” explainedthat it is important for him to resolve all bureaucratic issues before the girl goes to school. The celebrity announced that her daughter wanted to change her name.

“There is also this factor: she is a creative and extraordinary girl, and I think that the name Anna-Maria will be very useful to her in life. It is a rare case and can be a beautiful, creative pseudonym,” the actress noted.

Previously Lyusya Chebotina wish graduates fall in love and start a family.

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Source: Gazeta


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