Otar Kushanashvili met for the first time from intensive care 12:32

Music critic Vladimir Polupanov said that Russian showman and journalist Otar Kushanashvili first contacted him and journalist Tabriz Shakhili after being hospitalized. His friend’s message was published On the social network VKontakte.

“It is clear that I have had the most unique experience of a human being grasping his own essence, his place in the world, even if you need real knowledge for this noisy explanation, then real knowledge, I assure you, is beyond the power of any human being on planet Earth,” he wrote.

According to Kushanashvili, he survived the most difficult resuscitation and remains in the intensive care unit, very tired, but proud of himself.

“Thank you for your constant love, of course, we will definitely meet to make sure once again that nothing is more important than human life,” says the entertainer.

On June 20, Kushanashvili was hospitalized in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. The YouTube show’s creator was quoted as saying “What’s it like?!” A few days ago he started complaining of severe pain in the heart and abdomen. Later, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. During an emergency operation, it was determined that the star had a tumor.

Kushanashvili’s nephew the other day statedthe entertainer felt better.

Previously actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva I remembered“forced” to play with great fever in the theater.

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Source: Gazeta


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