Vodonaeva hinted that she was in a relationship with a Hollywood star 17:47

Blogger and TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva in a conversation with Laysan Utyasheva hinted that her new lover is a Hollywood star. This was reported by Super.

Vodonaeva did not disclose the name of her boyfriend, but showed him to Utyasheva on social networks. She noted that the man was much younger than her. According to the blogger, her lover is a foreigner who starred in a famous TV series.

Vodonaeva stated that their communication is now limited to the correspondence format. Since She does not speak English, she asks her friends to translate the messages for her.

Vodonaeva was married twice. Her first husband was businessman Alexey Malakeev. In 2010, their son Bogdan was born. The couple divorced in 2013. The presenter married musician Alexei Komov in 2018, but broke up with him a year later.

Vodonaeva does not talk about her personal life. Since 2019 she has stopped commenting on his novels.

TV presenter in February acceptedthat he did not want to marry a third time. She revealed she wouldn’t walk down the aisle even for a “worthy” man.

Previously Vodonaeva criticized Dzhigan’s daughter.

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Source: Gazeta


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