Baretsky announced Zemfira’s concert in Russia 18:54

In a conversation with showman Stas Baretsky he said: HABER.ruthat he invited the singer Zemfira (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) to his concert in Russia.

According to Baretsky, Zemfira will sing with Alisher Morgenstern (known as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) as the opening act of his concert. Artists were left abroad “completely penniless”, the showman said, and offered to help. She also wants to invite Valery Meladze to her performance.

“She (Zemfira) has no money right now; It’s not very popular in the West. He will perform for me from now on. I said before that I invited Morgenstern to the concert. The two of them will be my opening act,” shared the entertainer.

On June 24, the Telegram channel “You Can’t Say Worse” published a frame in which Zemfira allegedly gets into a car in front of a city clinic in the center of Moscow. It was noted that the artist flew to the capital for dental treatment. Allegedly, visitors to the clinic recognized him and took a few photos.

On the same day, it was learned that this photo with Zemfira was also available. Completed few years ago. The author of the photo is a reporter from Express Gazeta; He photographed the artist near its entrance in 2018.

Previously Zemfira failed to be removed from the register of foreign agents.

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Source: Gazeta


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