Bozena Rynska returned to Russia for plastic surgery 12:27

Journalist Bozhena Rynska, who renounced Russian citizenship, said on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia) that she had plastic surgery on her face in one of the Moscow clinics.

“Although the result is not definitive, I am happy with it. This is my face. “The appearance has not changed,” the socialite said.

She published images showing her face before and after plastic surgery. Rynska noted that although she had surgery two months ago, there was still swelling in her cheekbones. The journalist said that the blogger would last another month and a half because he had an unsuccessful operation in this place 14 years ago. Later, fibrosis developed in the left zygomatic bone.

Rynska is currently recovering from surgery. She noted that she’s already undergone rehab twice—microcurrents, peels, etc.

Journalist in September 2022 saidHe decided to renounce his Russian citizenship. Before that, he sold his apartment in Patriarch’s Ponds, for which he received about 60 million rubles. In 2023, Rynska and her daughter left Russia for Latvia.

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Source: Gazeta


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