“Presumed Innocent”: The erotic thriller in which Jake Gyllenhaal is tried for murdering his mistress. The premiere of the series “Presumed Innocent” with Jake Gyllenhaal 06.13.2024, 17:20

Rusty Sabichu (Jake Gyllenhaal)), right-hand man of District Attorney Raymond Horgan (Bill Camp)Their mutual colleague was tasked with leading the investigation into the brutal murder of Caroline Polymus. (Worst Man Alive star Renate Reins and). However, Sabich quickly loses both positions. Horgan’s rival Nicco Della Guardia wins prosecutorial election (OT Fagbenli), who appointed his man Tommy Molto as vice president (Peter Sarsgaard). After the truth about the relationship between Sabich and Polymus is revealed, the lawyer himself finds himself in the dock. Then not only his freedom, but also his family are in danger: even if Sabich proves that he was not involved in the murder of his mistress, it is not a fact that he will obtain pardon from his wife. (Ruth Negga) and children (Chace Infinity and Kingston Rumi Southwick).

In recent years, television producer and screenwriter David E. Kelly is often introduced as the creator of the black comedy drama Big Little Lies, but his calling card (for almost 40 years) was legal projects: He came to Hollywood, in fact, from the prosecutor’s office. After the success of Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher’s drama LA Law, for which Kelly worked as showrunner and screenwriter in the late ’80s and early ’90s, he began developing his own series; such as Boston lawyers The Practice and its dramatic drama. a young lawyer “Ally McBeal”. This line is regularly updated to this day: before “Big Little Lies,” for example, Kelly created the series “Goliath” for Amazon with Billy Bob Thornton, and a few years ago began a new film adaptation. Michael Connelly’s book series “The Lincoln Lawyer” is on Netflix.

With Presumed Innocent, Kelly also enters previously explored territory, and this time not nominally: While Lincoln wasted no time in remaking the film with Matthew McConaughey and immediately moved on to Connelly’s second book, Presumption again adapts Scott Turow’s novel: All the in 1990. It was shot by President’s Men director Alan Pakula. The original film starring Harrison Ford was a legal drama with undertones of erotic thriller, but those notes seem to have been carried away by the winds of fashion. Pakula’s film is only three years younger than Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction (last year the franchise was re-imagined much better than the original), and the two steamy sex scenes there seem only to highlight the director’s surgical attention to its working mechanisms. state and public institutions – the procedural side of the issue in general and the role of the human factor.

Although the series starring Jake Gyllenhaal dives into the courtroom a little faster (the title “The People vs. Rozat Sabic” is already in the second episode), it puts the emphasis in a different way. The legal process here gets a little lost in the heat of passion and soap bubbles, so even the degree of erotic tension seems to have increased (there is a certain amount of naked Gyllenhaal in the frame), and Kelly’s main focus is on the family. aspect – i.e., why is his wife still not leaving Sabich?

The press was only allowed to watch seven of the eight episodes of “Presumed Innocent” (since his miniseries “Play Back” for HBO, there has been suspicion that showing everything until the final episode was some sort of whim on Kelly’s part) was there same story), so it’s hard to say whether the show’s answer to this question will match the movie’s. In general, things are always difficult for Kelly: he produces projects in approximately the same volume as Ryan Murphy, so he constantly wants to advise slowing down to reduce the percentage of hack work.

Of course, the series doesn’t quite hold up in comparison to the film: the creative duo of Pakula and cinematographer Gordon Willis need just a few perfectly calibrated shots to beat the competition. “Presumption” looks a little paler than its neighbors in terms of platform and genre (you can find the more compelling drama “Defing Jacob,” starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell, in the Apple TV+ arsenal). But the burden of proving anything is fortunately not on us, so we can afford to stick to the principle of the presumption of innocence for a change (sorry). The decision will be known in every sense on July 24.

Release date: June 12, 2024

Duration: 8 episodes of 45 minutes

Creative: David E. Kelly

Casting: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Negga, Peter Sarsgaard, Renate Reinswe, Bill Camp, OT Fagbenley, Lily Rabe

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Apple TV+ has released the first episodes of the courtroom drama, which features elements of Alan Pakula’s erotic thriller Presumed Innocent, the second attempt to bring Scott Turow’s novel to the screen after the 1990 film starring Harrison Ford. In the new version, Jake Gyllenhaal plays the prosecutor accused of killing his colleague and his lover, while the writer of the series is David E. Kelly, the creator of Big Little Lies. socialbites.ca film critic Pavel Voronkov watched seven of the eight episodes of “Presumption of Innocence” and prepared a report in the courtroom.

Source: Gazeta


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