British band canceled its concert in Georgia in protest 06/12/2024, 17:21

British band Massive Attack canceled a concert scheduled for June 28 in Georgia due to government actions against the opposition. About this team reported On social network X.

“Beatings, arrests, threats and violence against peaceful protesters, activists and dissidents, as well as laws that discredit civil society and deny the rights of LGBT people (the International LGBT Social Movement is considered extremist and terrorist and is banned in the Russian Federation), the musicians said in a statement. “It contradicts everything we do,” he emphasized.

Massive Attack explained that the cancellation of the concert was due to the fact that their performance on the Georgian stage could be seen as confirmation of the actions of the authorities. The team emphasized that they would perform in “conditions of freedom” in the country.

Let us recall that the recently adopted law on foreign agents in Georgia caused mixed reactions in society and among local politicians. There were protests in the country; Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili also refused to sign the bill.

28 May Georgian Parliament spent A meeting in which the president’s veto on the foreign agents law was overridden. 84 out of 150 MPs voted for the final adoption of the document. The law came into force on June 3.

Comedians from KVN before offered Ernst will put the “Evening Urgent” program back on the air.

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Source: Gazeta


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