“Brigade” star talked about the crisis in the theater industry 16:28

Actress Daria Poverennova said in a speech: HABER.ruthat the theater industry is experiencing a crisis and a shortage of professionals who can occupy leadership positions.

“I think the podium of artistic directors, chief directors, is almost empty, and all the cool directors have actually been dispersed,” the artist shared.

Poverennova also believes that there are people worthy of becoming artistic directors, but so far their superiors have not noticed them. The actor hoped that such people would attract attention.

June 7 in cinemas in three capitals appointed new leaders. Vladimir Mashkov headed Sovremennik, Evgeny Gerasimov became the artistic director of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire, and the Roman Viktyuk Theater came under the leadership of Konstantin Bogomolov.

All three retained their current positions as artistic directors: Vladimir Mashkov at Moscow’s Oleg Tabakov Theatre, Evgeny Gerasimov at Malaya Ordynka Theatre, and Konstantin Bogomolov at Malaya Bronnaya Theatre.

Previously He commented on the merger with the Theater of Satire at the Malaya Ordynka Theatre.

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Source: Gazeta


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