Dora’s concert in Saratov postponed after calls to ban the performance 13:56

Singer Dora’s concert in Saratov has been postponed. Organizers announced that “In contact”.

The show will not take place due to reasons beyond the control of the organizers and the singer. The publication does not specify why. The concert will be postponed to a new date to be announced soon.

“All tickets are valid, nothing needs to be changed. The date will be announced soon. Refund requests will be processed on Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” the artist’s representatives said.

June 8, MP Alexander Blatman in the name Due to criticism of SVO, singer Dora was banned from performing in Saratov. According to the politician, the organizer of the demonstration decided to sacrifice patriotic values ​​for the sake of financial gain.

Blatman believes that in this way the showrunner shows his attitude towards Russia and the warriors who shed blood for their compatriots on the front lines. He also expressed the opinion that Dora was much less prominent for her creativity than her civilian status.

Singer Dora started her career in 2019 by releasing her first album “I am not Commerce”.

Previously Sati Casanova demanded 614 thousand rubles to cancel the show on Çiğdem’s mourning day.

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Source: Gazeta


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