Lyusya Chebotina threatened to sing in a fur coat due to the law on the dress code of artists 14:51

Singer Lyusya Chebotina threatened to leave the stage or sing in a fur coat if Russia passes a law on dress code for performers. HE nail News media.

According to Chebotina, the authors of the initiative do not understand how difficult and hot it is to speak openly. The singer noted that due to overheating, you can even lose consciousness, and revealing clothing can save you from this.

Chebotina joked that if the law was passed, she would sing in a fur coat and stand at the microphone without dancing.

Recently, singer Olga Buzova’s stage appearance at the concert she gave in Ufa on Children’s Day caused public criticism. in the State Duma offered The Ministry of Culture will impose mandatory requirements on the dressing style of artists in public performances, which do not require age restrictions.

The other day, People’s Artist of Russia Valery Leontyev is the director of Boris Chigirev saidThe artist was criticized in the early 1980s for her overly revealing clothing.

“I didn’t like his shirt and his trousers, which were too tight. “I didn’t like the shiny trousers, her hair was too full,” she recalled.

Previously Chebotin saidHow to deal with breakups?

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Source: Gazeta


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