They want to ban Dora from performing in Saratov due to criticism of SVO 15:15

Deputy Alexander Blatman telegram channel He called for singer Dora to be banned from performing in Saratov due to criticism of SVO.

“It is surprising that this attempt to go on stage in Saratov is not the first. He was previously planning to come with a concert in March. They later managed to cancel the event; The manager of the nightclub made the right choice and did not allow the unpatriotic artist to come on stage,” Blatman wrote.

According to the politician, the organizer of the demonstration has now decided to sacrifice patriotic values ​​for the sake of financial gain. He believes that in this way the showrunner shows his attitude towards Russia and the warriors who shed blood on the front lines for their citizens. Blatman also expressed the opinion that Dora’s creativity was much less prominent than her civilian status.

In February, Beijing Olympics silver medalist Sergei Ulegin called for the cancellation of singer Dora’s concert in Saratov. HE registeredHe says music is a matter of taste, but he doesn’t want Dora to perform in Saratov. According to Ulegin, he found some links in which he read that the singer called on young people to “commit illegal acts” and criticized SVO.

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Source: Gazeta


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