MakSim’s plans after alcoholism treatment were learned 15:46

In conversation with the director of singer MakSim Yana Bogushevskaya Sound He stated that the artist went on tour calmly after his treatment for alcohol addiction.

“He is quietly touring and shooting a lot of movies,” Bogushevskaya explained.

The rep added that the singer is currently actively working on new material and recording a new song whose release date is still unknown. MakSim is also interested in business, art school. However, Bogushevskaya noted that the artist does not yet plan to open new branches or expand.

The singer does not hide that 2023 has become a difficult test for him. In July, the artist openly admitted to alcoholism, recording a video for fans coming from rehab. According to the celebrity, after a serious illness, she began touring very early and tried to support herself by “doping”. Now MakSim is already no cure from addiction. Yıldız emphasized that faith helped him cope with this problem.

Previously Lyusya Chebotina was threatened Singing in a fur coat because of the dress code law for artists.

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Source: Gazeta


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