Porgina explains why Frandetti left Lenkom: “There is slavery there” 18:37

Actress Lyudmila Porgina assured that the departure of Lenkom’s main director Alexei Frandetti was connected with the working environment in the theater. His words were reported by the publication Teleprogramma.pro.

“Because Mark Warshawer has complete servitude. This is just slavery, serfdom. The artist stated that he did not take even a step aside, just as he wanted.

He suggested that Lenkom director Mark Varshaver deliberately brought Frandetti “to the point of exhaustion” so that the director left the theater. Porgina remembered how happy she was at Frandetti’s arrival. In his opinion, a creative person should “run the theatre”, not someone who “counts money”. The star recalled that Varshaver made 62 substitutions in performances during the year and removed the actors directed by Mark Zakharov.

Porgina lately statedVarshaver took Zakharov’s daughter from all roles in Lenkom. He explained that Zakharova had not played anything but was “still hanging on”.

In July 2023, Porgina resigned from Lenkom. According to the player, he was driven and hunted by Warshaver. The artist said that despite his professionalism, the director put him in the role of an extra. The actor said that Varshaver “humiliated” him with such “ridiculous” roles and a salary of 50 thousand rubles.

previously producer clarifiedHow much Pugacheva earned for her performance.

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Source: Gazeta


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