“Let’s go to the dacha”: Krasko’s assistant, St. He spoke about the player’s health after the fall in St. Petersburg 19:56

People’s Artist of Russia Ivan Krasko, St. He is feeling well after falling during the opening of a football tournament in St. Petersburg. The actor’s assistant Daria talked about this in a conversation with socialbites.ca. According to him, Ivan Ivanovich will spend the near future at the dacha to gain strength.

“Ivan Ivanovich and I went to the tournament. St. Petersburg theaters play football and invited him to open the event by kicking the ball. He kicked once, but it seemed to him that he was spinning ugly. He decided to do it again, tripped and fell directly onto his pacemaker. They called an ambulance and took him to the Pokrovsk hospital. Doctors said everything was fine and the pacemaker was working normally. He feels good now,” said Daria.

He noted that Krasko almost no longer has the energy to work in the theater, but he still tries to participate in some events.

“I think we need to postpone it now. A demonstration with his participation was supposed to be held on June 30, but I said: “No need, Ivan Ivanovich, take care.” Let’s go to the dacha,” Daria added.

On May 30, mk.ru reported that the 93-year-old People’s Artist was in St. He reported that he fell ill at a football tournament in St. Petersburg. The event took place on May 27.

Ivan Krasko was hospitalized twice in 2023. In January he was in Elizabeth Hospital with a suspected stroke, and in July he was admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke where a blood clot was urgently removed.

The actor later admitted that he felt fine, but could not walk well due to problems with the blood vessels in his legs. Krasko also added that he began to show signs of blindness, deafness and memory loss.

Previously actor Alexander Mikhailov hospitalized from the film festival.

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Source: Gazeta


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