The actress of the movie “My Fair Nanny” talked about working with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk 11:32

Actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was very hardworking and responsible; his shift could last longer than 12 hours. At the same time, its feature was the complete absence of “star fever” even at the height of popularity in the country. said RT actress Ekaterina Dubakina is Zavorotnyuk’s colleague in the series “My Fair Nanny”.

Dubakina emphasized that the success of the series and its main star is dizzying, but this does not affect the actor’s behavior. She described her colleague as very responsive and emphasized that she had never heard him complain about fatigue.

“The shift didn’t always end after 12 hours; it could go longer, and Nastya also had young children,” Dubakina said. “She always showed a willingness to work and was a caring person… always opened up and tried to help in some way.”

Let us remind you: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk PassedAt the age of 53, he battled brain cancer after a long illness. It was learned that his condition was good has worsened sharply two weeks ago. The actress became known for her leading role in the comedy series “My Fair Nanny”.

Previously Emergency named It’s a great honor to work with Zavorotnyuk.

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Source: Gazeta


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