After Vaikule, Ivar Kalnins talked about the debts of the Soviet Union to him 11:37

Latvian actor Ivars Kalnins said: Radio Van About the debts owed to him by the Soviet Union.

“They tell me: “You owe everything to the Soviet Union, to the Soviet government.” And I say: “You owe me this, you paid too little!” Who still owes money to whom? Otherwise, think about it, I owe something to Goskino. They made millions but they played pranks on us. “We accepted it because people are creative and we can work for free,” Kalnins said.

He announced that he stopped communicating with actors from Russia, but continued to communicate with their Ukrainian colleagues. According to Kalnins, his calls to some Russian stars could trap celebrities because the artist believes that the calls can be monitored.

“Of course it’s bad, because you have a lot of friends and relatives with whom you communicate and work together. Of course, that time has already passed,” the actor concluded.

Previously Bonya spent More than half a million rubles in a fashion boutique after a scandal.

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Source: Gazeta


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