Hijacking a plane “westward” and beating a child: why the prosecutor’s office did not like “Bad Advice” A store in the Krasnoyarsk Territory removed from sale “Bad Advice” by Oster 05.28.2024, 12:23

Employees of the Breeze store in the Karatuzsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory removed from sale the only copy of the book “Bad Advice” by Grigory Oster, whose illustrations caused complaints from the local prosecutor’s office. In this respect reported TASS, citing the owner of the store Lyubov Deryusheva.

“There was a book [в продаже]. “It has been removed from sale,” he said.

in conversation with NGS24.RU Deryusheva announced that the book was destroyed, without explaining how.

According to NGS24.RU source, seven illustrations in the book caused the prosecution’s allegations.

They depict: tattooing a child; flying knife at a teacher; gallows for the teacher; a child directing an airplane pilot “west” at gunpoint; Doctors extract a child’s tooth using a rope and a door.

Source TASSSomeone familiar with the investigation also stated that the reason for the requests was the illustrations, and said that law enforcement agencies had no complaints about the text or the author.

“Terror and Panic” in Children

Karatuz district prosecutor’s office requested the seizure of Grigory Oster’s book, reported journalist Anton Oreh on his Telegram channel. He published parts of the supervisory authority’s request signed by the regional prosecutor Alexander Kuleshov.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the book contains “depictions of cruelty, physical and psychological violence, antisocial actions that cause fear, horror or panic in children … in the form of images degrading human dignity.”

The document also states that there is no age limit; This situation is against the “Law on the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development”. The department decided to “consider the issue” of seizing the book from store shelves and disrupting its circulation.

By Telegram channel plinthOne of the customers complained about the book, outraged by the pictures. According to the network, there are no plans to withdraw other versions of “Bad Advice” from sale. The prosecutor’s office made no official comment.

“Published for over 30 years”

AST publishing house, which published Harmful Advice, said: RBCHe said that there was no official request from the Karatuz district prosecutor’s office to remove the book from sale.

“Auster’s works have been published for more than 30 years; it is hard to believe that a prosecutor could request the seizure and destruction of a book without an appropriate court order and without reference to it,” AST says in a comment.

The publishing house noted that the children’s literature section was “particularly carefully edited.”

“Books prepared for publication undergo many checks and must meet an extensive list of requirements before they can be purchased,” AST recalled.

Grigory Oster’s “Bad Advice” is a collection of poems for children that ironically explains how not to behave with children. He was published in various magazines throughout the eighties, and his first collection was published in 1990, after which “Bad Advice” was republished several times.

What are you thinking?

A store in the Krasnoyarsk Territory withdrew from sale the only copy of Grigory Oster’s book “Bad Advice” at the request of the prosecutor’s office. According to the owner of the outlet, the book was destroyed. The chief’s dissatisfaction stemmed from images depicting a tattoo on a child, a plane being hijacked “westbound” and a flying knife on a teacher. According to the ministry, the book contains “cruelty, physical and psychological violence, antisocial acts that cause fear, horror or panic in children.”

Source: Gazeta


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