Blogger Chikovani told about the kiss between Buzova and Dava in his television program 20:17

Chat with blogger Violetta Chikovani “Channel Five” Olga Buzova expressed the opinion in the program “The Emperor’s Treasures” that she kissed Davout because of increased feelings.

“I don’t think this is public relations. I know Olya very well, I know David and I am sure that they do not need such PR anymore. All that came back were emotions and nostalgia. It’s like an unfinished phase,” Chikovani emphasized.

He also recalled that the show was filmed in advance, so most likely Dawa was not yet in a relationship with Marie Crimebreri at that time. Chikovani believes that the stars will not announce their romance, because both do not need such exaggeration.

28 May Marie Crimebreri unsubscribed From Dava on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia). This happened after news appeared on the Internet that Dava kissed Olga Buzova on the set of the series “The Emperor’s Treasures”. The Zvezdach publication published a video in which Buzova asks Dava to come to her and then kisses her on the lips. The blogger himself does not resist.

She also confirmed that she had reunited with blogger Marie Crimebreri on March 9. She admitted that she “met with her ex” on the concert stage in Minsk. Reunification took place in the autumn of 2023. The singer added that he felt romantic in the relationship.

Previously Prigozhin sureThat he is happy to be a deer man for Valeria.

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Source: Gazeta


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