“Foreign agents are welcomed with honor”: MP evaluated Bi-2 participants obtaining Moldovan citizenship 18:57

Member of the Moldovan Parliament Bogdan Tsyrdya said in an interview with socialbites.ca that not all residents of the country were able to obtain citizenship as quickly as the musicians of the Bi-2 group. According to him, President Maia Sandu took this decision to anger Moscow.

“In fact, eight members of the Bi-2 group received Moldovan citizenship. The decree was signed by President Maia Sandu. All this is part of the hybrid war against Russia, in which Moldova plays a clearly defined role. Russian diplomats are being deported, journalists are not allowed in, and Moldovan citizens visiting Russia are kept at the airport for hours. But foreign agents are welcomed with honor, allowed to give concerts, granted expedited citizenship, even if they don’t know the language, haven’t lived in Moldova, have no relatives here, and have done nothing for the country. And this is being done to anger Moscow. And this is against the background of the adoption of the law on the stripping of Moldovan citizenship of persons subject to international sanctions. This is selectivity. It is a pity that not all Moldovans can obtain citizenship so quickly. They seem to criticize Russia little or not at all,” Tirdea said.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu signed a decree granting citizenship to some members of the Bi-2 group. The chairman of the board of Moldovan leader Adrian Balutel announced this on his Telegram channel. Family members also received citizenship.

Balutsel had previously said that some Bi-2 members and their family members had applied for republican citizenship. He announced that the documents belonging to the musicians will be sent to the President of Moldova and will be evaluated in the category of “granting citizenship in the interests of the Republic of Moldova”. Balutsel noted that the creativity of “Bi-2” in the country is valued by more than one generation of citizens.

In April, lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that some members of the Bi-2 group wanted to obtain Moldovan citizenship due to prejudice against Russians abroad.

Previously in Moldova warned It’s about the detention of Russians at the border due to the agreement with the EU.

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Source: Gazeta


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