Grigory Leps revealed whether he plans to perform a duet with Yegor Creed 18:10

Singer Grigory Leps said in one of his speeches: “Channel Five”He said that he would not hesitate to sing a duet with his colleague Yegor Creed.

Leps noted that he did not make any offers regarding cooperation with Creed. But he doesn’t care.

“Let’s see. It’ll work – it’ll work. No, no. Who knows?” – shared the artist.

Leps noted that young artists are popular and motivated.

“And I already… I’m supposed to sing, what shouldn’t I sing,” the singer said.

On April 13, during Leps’ concert in Kostroma, the singer knocked the phone out of the hand of a fan. When one of the fans asked the artist to stop doing this, he continued to videotape the artist.

As a result, the artist hit the gadget and the smartphone flew sideways. The singer continued the concert himself. Kostroma viewers in a conversation with said that the girl’s phone was not broken.

21 April Leps stated in a suggestive way that he was fed up with a fan at the concert. The artist noted that he warned him twice to put his smartphone aside.

Lawyer Alexander Benkhin statedHe said that the incident in which singer Grigory Leps took the phone from a fan could be solved.

Previously The author of the book “A Glass of Vodka on the Table” fell during a concert.

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Source: Gazeta


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