The “Major Thunder” star’s driver had an unexpected drink 18:16

The driver of comedian and actor Evgeny Chebatkov from the filming of the movie “Major Thunder: The Game” was leaked on the Internet. Screenshot of the star’s requests, including an unexpected drink published Telegram channel “Gossip Diaries”.

In particular, during the drive, the player demanded that two liters of kvass, a ham and cheese sandwich and a wireless speaker be brought to the dressing room.

previous day recognizedThat the leader of the “Time Machine” group, Andrei Makarevich (known in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent), increased the fee for his performances after moving to Israel. The price tag for concerts has increased to 35 thousand euros – 5 thousand euros more than before.

Additionally, the source of the channel added that the musician’s rider has a dressing room equipped with a comfortable chair, a sofa, fresh fruit, soda, pickles, tea, bread, dark chocolate, 18-year Chivas Regal whiskey and a table. a bottle of dry red wine Primitivo, as well as the obligation to pay for the services of a phoniatrist if necessary, the provision of security and maintenance personnel.

Previously German singer It has been recommended Germans drink with Russians.

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Source: Gazeta


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