A German singer advised German citizens to drink with Russians 17:09

German singer Tino Eisbrenner appealed to the German people to stop hostility towards Russia and advised his compatriots to drink with Russians. Quoted TASS.

According to the artist, the Russian mentality could enrich the Germans with what he called the poetry of everyday life.

“So, I realized that in Russia there are poetic rules for every situation: In order for the trip to go well, you must sit on your suitcase before traveling. “Or the pourer should not change when you drink,” says Eisbrenner, who thinks that Russian glasses are also poetic.

The singer stated that he was impressed by Russians’ ability to celebrate.

“And I wish the West Germans would come to Russia and sit with the Russians, get really drunk and feel like these people are their friends,” he said.

Eisbrenner, who won a silver medal at the “Road to Yalta” festival in 2023 with the German song “Cranes”, described music as the main unifying force for the people of the world.

The artist is also stated To the strangeness of the behavior of Ukrainians after the start of the Northern Military District.

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Source: Gazeta


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