Margarita Terekhova was hospitalized due to internal bleeding 15:19

People’s Artist of Russia Margarita Terekhova was hospitalized in Moscow. In this respect reports Telegram channel Baza with a link to its source.

According to the publication’s source, 81-year-old Terekhova was not feeling well on May 24.

Accompanied by her sister, the actress was taken to Botkin Hospital, where doctors diagnosed Terekhova with internal bleeding. Currently, Terekhova’s moderate condition is under the supervision of doctors.

Terekhova’s daughter Anna in 2022 said It’s about a mother struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Sometimes when he is performing, he watches the TV very carefully – he watches how the actors play,” Terekhova Jr. admitted.

Terekhova was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in the mid-2000s. The artist is cared for by relatives and nurses.

Former singer Britney Spears said about strict restrictions during guardianship.

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Source: Gazeta


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