The “most energetic” actor of Russian cinema traded on the market in the 90s 14:15

Actress Olga Khokhlova talked about her childhood and youth in the program “Delicious with Anfisa Chekhova”. The press service of the TV-3 television channel reported this to

Together with Chekhova, Khokhlova prepared the chicken soup that her mother fed her as a child. While cooking, Khokhlova, who was chosen as the most energetic actress of Russian cinema by the KinoPoisk service in 2017 for her active shooting in films and TV series, admitted that in her childhood she rode “freight trains” and went to cook with her boyfriends. Lake Baikal.

“We were so afraid of getting caught, so we checked everything. I was “thrown” there first. Then we went to Lake Baikal with tents. “I had such a feeling of brotherhood inside me,” he admitted.

Also, Khokhlova admitted that she entered the acting department in Moscow several times, and between admissions she worked as an electrician at the Angarsk Electromechanical Plant. After moving from Vladivostok to Moscow in the 1990s, the star had to start a business and sell at the tent market. The seller in the next tent was a ballerina from the Bolshoi Theater, who, according to Olga, helped her in her future career.

The other day singer Olga Buzova statedHe said he had no childhood.

Previously singer Marina Khlebnikova reported in pairs.

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Source: Gazeta


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