Kevin Costner on Cannes incident: “I haven’t cried in hell” 13:36

Actor Kevin Costner said he didn’t cry after the film Horizons was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The celebrity denied the rumors in the program “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

“I actually started rewinding my life for a moment. The 69-year-old actor explained his situation at the event: “I kind of went back to square one and wondered how I got to a place like this.”

Costner emphasized that he was touched by the applause of the audience after the film, but added: “I haven’t cried in hell. “I didn’t cry.”

On May 20, Costner reportedly burst into tears following a screening of his directorial debut Horizons at Cannes. The star was applauded for 10 minutes. People said the artist then addressed the audience by “wiping away his tears”.

Star named The moment was extra special because five of her seven children were with her at the festival: Annie, 40, Caden, 17, Grace, 13, Lily, 37, and Hayes, 15, who starred in Horizons. This film will be the first of four planned installments of the filmmaker’s “American epic.”

Previously recognizedIt was stated that Celine Dion felt better after her life-threatening situation.

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