Tatyana Vasilyeva, who broke her leg for the fifth time, is on a strict diet 08:54

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva in the program “The Stars Aligned” He admitted that he was on a strict diet.

“They bring me containers. “I reached the final level of 750 calories a day,” said the celebrity.

Vasilyeva called her current diet a sports diet and added that she was already accustomed to this type of nutrition. As part of the same program, doctor Aminat Kibishev told Vasilyeva that the celebrity had to follow a completely different diet due to the fracture and eat foods rich in protein and minerals.

“Today’s milestone may not be the last. There is a certain set of precautions that must be observed. You are young and beautiful, but you reach a certain age, like all of us, then fractures can already become a common occurrence,” said the expert.

Vasilyeva stated that she did not take the pills prescribed by the doctor. She does not believe that medications will speed up the healing process. The star is confident the bones will “grow together on their own” just like they did the last four times.

May 18 singer Britney Spears showed a swollen broken leg with dark bruises that won’t heal. He stated that he would “be stubborn and do it his way.” Spears said she traveled to Mexico two weeks after the fracture and would not listen to advice to seek medical advice.

Previously rapper Instasamka removed From the concert program in the Kremlin.

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Source: Gazeta


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