“The Contenders” by Luca Guadagnino: A threesome that will make you cry Luca Guadagnino’s sex drama “The Contenders” starring Zendaya is published online 05.18.2024, 18:04

Only the lazy did not write about “Dreamers” in the context of Bernardo Bertolucci’s “Contestants” (let’s not lag behind), but it is important to understand: “Dreamers” is reproduced here only in an iridescent sense. Love triangle. A full-fledged reincarnation twenty years later is hampered by the fact that for the entire two hours there is not even a shadow of a desire to find yourself in the space of the film and cut something out of the characters involved in this story, adapting it to your own personality; Even smoking is ugly. In this respect, there is a fundamental desire: to ban professional sports. At the same time, of course, there is a terrible shot to watch what is happening, but only through a piece of glass (in this the film resembles, for example, the series “Descendants”). Guadagnino, on the other hand, thwarts this desire in every possible way, regularly pushing something in the viewer’s face (we’re not listing that), and sometimes even splashing bodily fluids off the screen. (If your hot water is turned off, you may want to postpone monitoring.)

Actually, the big question is: Do closers (and clearly their hearts above all else here) need “Dreamers”? So far there is little doubt: in recent years a slight atmosphere of neo-Puritanism has thickened around. If the current generation is involved in any sexual revolution, it’s a conservative kind: Research says almost half of young viewers want to see less sex on screen, and that’s exactly what’s been happening over the last 20 years. In the -plus years, sex has decreased by 40% to become the top-grossing movies (of course, some of them were transferred to cable and streaming series, but now we’re worried about those, too).

Qualitative changes are felt to occur simultaneously with quantitative changes. Let’s take last year. Particularly sensitive citizens described Emerald Fennell’s “Saltburn” and Yorgos Lanthimos’s “The Poor Miserables” as unheard of unbridled films, but after watching it became clear that the devil is not as terrible as he is portrayed. The most proactive of them (citizens) even scolded the unfortunate Christopher Nolan, who decided to rob someone for a few minutes in Oppenheimer for almost the first time in his entire career. It’s basically the same story as The Contenders. No, of course they’re not guilty of prudishness here: Guadagnino ate a dog (or peach) in this case, meaning that about every second frame in the movie is sexualized in one way or another, and several times they talk about Zendaya (Rightfully) saying how I couldn’t fall in love with you. But they compete much more often than they mate on screen (sorry), and the film isn’t exactly a championship of explicit sex. On the other hand, what difference would it make if everything were the same: they twitch, scream, sweat, etc.

But interestingly, the body movements on the field and the rhymes that accompany them interest Guadagnino more than the direct rhyme of it all. The tennis here serves a similar function to the witch dances in Suspiria. The theory about the family connection of the films is supported by the fact that in “The Contestants” there are several shots shot through the glass floor (the idea came up on the set of “Suspiria”, but it did not work out then), and also here you constantly want to dance.

Nine Inch Nails members Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who worked on Guadagnino’s previous film, “Totally and Completely,” sometimes coax Radiohead leader Thom Yorke’s spirit out of the offending piano (he wrote the music for “Suspiria” five years ago and now has another fled to an Italian Daniela Lucchetti narrated the film “Trust”, but most often they work confidently with elastic techno and electro, sometimes in the “Social Network” mode. They also fly to the dance floor a few times with the LCD Soundsystem group (by the way, its founder James Murphy is a He once had an instrumental album composed based on data from the US Open 2014 tournament; how small is the tennis world). Ideologically, it’s a joyful tribute (for connoisseurs, there’s a version of Boyz Noise’s soundtrack that combines Reznor and Ross’ compositions into a single mix), and its execution is conceptually reminiscent of Edgar Wright’s method. Like a DJ, he wove the music into the movie “Baby in the Car” with tight synchronization.

As I recall, Wright’s film was criticized upon its release for its old-fashioned treatment of female characters. “The Contenders,” co-produced by Zendaya, has an interesting trump card in this regard. In movies, women often act as a reward for men, and this is usually due to the men behind the scenes. Here, on the contrary, the status of the coveted prize was granted to him independently and quite voluntarily. It’s like feminist and non-feminist movies are coming out at the same time. The triangle in it is equilateral in every sense, and each side does not ignore the opportunity from time to time to ruin the lives of the other two. There appears to be a draw in the final, which is against the tennis rules.

With its desire to turn everything into sexual innuendos, the picture in a sense reaches perfection. The ending is satisfying but rather predictable, and under these circumstances, it’s important to remember to enjoy what precedes it. But this is not difficult at all – especially since this is a rare case when there is no need to protect yourself.

And maybe we will protect ourselves. If this text appeared with a headline that did not rhyme with one of Basta’s most famous quotes, know that the conservative accomplices and their accomplices have won. Otherwise, we still have a chance. In any case, next week Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers” will open at the Russian box office.

Premiere date: 26 March 2024 (Australia)

Online publication date: May 17, 2024

Duration: 131 minutes

Manager: Luca Guadagnino

Casting: Zendaya, Mike Feist, Josh O’Connor

Nicotine, alcohol and drugs are harmful to health. You shouldn’t use these.

“International LGBT Social Movement” is recognized as extremist and terrorist and is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation

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The network has released Luca Guadagnino’s The Contenders, one of the most anticipated (and talked about) movies of the year. It’s a sports drama about the relationship of three tennis players: two best friends and the girl they’re both in love with. The film stars Zendaya, Mike Feist and Josh O’Connor. socialbites.ca’s film critic Pavel Voronkov tells us whether “Copycats” can really be considered “Dreamers” for zoom enthusiasts.

Source: Gazeta


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