Petrosyan’s friend told about the birth of the comedian’s daughter: “Everyone’s choice” 10:05

The friend of actress Elena Vorobey and Yevgeny Petrosyan admitted that he could not criticize the comedian for late fatherhood, because this is everyone’s choice. His words were quoted “StarHit”.

“I understand that the busy touring schedule of the aspiring artist Petrosyan once deprived him of such a joy as fatherhood. <...> “Yevgeny Vaganovich’s family is waiting for the breadwinner at home, and their daughter grows up closely with her father, that is, in a photo,” the comedian added.

According to Vorobey, Petrosyan now has the opportunity to enjoy family affairs and take care of children. He wished happiness to young and mature parents.

On March 13, Petrosyan’s wife Tatyana Brukhunova published a family photo holding her daughter in her arms. Petrosyan’s wife hid her second pregnancy, so rumors appeared on the Internet that the girl was carried by a surrogate mother. The woman denied this information. Later, Brukhunova admitted that the artist’s daughter was born last year. According to the comedian’s relatives, the girl was called Matilda.

Tatyana Brukhunova became the fifth wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan. The couple made their relationship official in December 2019. They hid the fact that they were waiting for the birth of a common child, and only in September 2020 Petrosyan published a photo with a six-month-old boy – he was named after the artist’s father, Vagan Mezhlumovich.

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Source: Gazeta


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