Director Liana Griby commented on the news that her partner attacked his wife in the series 05/14/2024, 18:31

Liana Griby, star of the series “Knock on My Door in Moscow”, told that the actress’s partner in the project, Nikita Volkov, did not attack his wife. Griba’s representative stated that he did not know where the media got information about the conflict.

“There was no attack on Nikita Volkov’s wife. I don’t know where this data comes from. I think the best option is to confirm these with the source that provided you with this information. “I probably won’t have anything else to tell you about this,” said the director of actress Victoria.

The manager of Nikita Volkov, who plays the leading role in the series, declined to comment.

“Oh my God, no, no comments, I hope for your understanding,” said the artist’s representative Natalya.

Conflict between actress Liana Griba and Nikita Volkov’s wife Elena Eremenko was reported Telegram channel shooting. According to the publication, at one of the parties, the actor allegedly told his co-star’s wife in the series that they had developed feelings for each other off the set. Thereupon, the artist allegedly threw a glass of wine at Eremenko’s face and started beating him.

Shot writes: Elena Eremenko Wrote statement to the police. In the published statement, it is stated that the incident occurred in December last year. Grib allegedly hit Eremenko “in the ear, temple, head and chest.”

In the Russian adaptation of the Turkish TV series “Kapımı Çal”, Nikita Volkov played the role of the hero Serkan Bolat. The role of the heroine Eda is played by Liana Grib.

Previously Nikita Volkov’s wife Elena statedShe doesn’t see actresses as rivals.

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Source: Gazeta


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