Mossovet Theater responded to messages about Domogarov’s dismissal 19:18

The press service of the Mossovet Theater responded to the news about the dismissal of actor Alexander Domogarov. In an interview with the press service of the cultural institution approved dismissal of the artist.

According to the information provided by theater representatives, the artist was invited to a meeting with artistic director Evgeniy Marcelli.

“Alexander Yuryevich’s application was indeed accepted by the personnel department today. So we invited him to a meeting with the artistic director of the theatre, after which we will be able to make some broad comments,” the press service explained.

previous day recognized About Domogarov’s expulsion from the theater after nearly 30 years of service due to disagreement with the policies of the management. According to the actor’s director, his last working day will be May 28, but he will no longer appear in the theater and his lawyer will seize his work records.

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Source: Gazeta


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