Baretsky gained weight by losing weight using the Lerchek method 19:33

Showman Stas Baretsky admitted that he gained weight by losing weight using the method of blogger Lerchek (real name Valery Chekalin). This is what he’s talking about spoke From

Since he was crazy about trying everything on himself, Lerchek stated that he decided to try the fat loss course.

“As someone who weighs 140 kg, I tried this nonsense on principle. <...> “They called an ambulance and washed my stomach,” he admitted, adding that he felt very bad.

According to Baretsky, he does not believe in all weight loss products and remembers the slimming pills that were popular in the 1990s. The showman is sure that taking these pills causes the development of cancer in many people.

“After taking the fat burning complex from Lerchek, my weight did not decrease. “On the contrary, I started gaining weight while consuming this nonsense,” he said, adding that only exercise and nutrition would help.

The day before Baretsky offered Nastya Ivleeva hosts “Dom-2” after the party scandal.

“If Nastya Ivleeva was the host of Dom-2, maybe more people would watch her and the ratings would rise. Ivleeva is humorous, interesting to watch, and ever-changing. An ideal option,” Baretsky said.

Formerly rapper Vacio loss Due to leaving Russia, he signed a contract with a record company.

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Source: Gazeta


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