The producer suggested the fate of Nikita Presnyakov’s musical career in the USA 10:52

Music critic and producer Pavel Rudchenko was suspicious of a conversation with him teleprogramma.proNikita Presnyakov will appear as an artist in the USA.

According to Rudchenko, despite the strong “patronage” in Russia, Presnyakov “failed” to be transformed into an artist.

“No matter how much he participated in various awards and even though he performed with top stars in some national concerts, he could not become a top star. Nikita Presnyakov had no more fans. “I saw absolutely no excitement in their performance,” said the producer.

Rudchenko noted that the United States is a country with a different mentality, where “our artists are not needed.” The critic believes that the content created by Presnyakov in America is not new and is made by a large number of artists.

“To say that Nikita Presnyakov has an extraordinary talent – I will not say that. “I don’t think Nikita can be a popular artist in America with the material he’s making right now,” the critic said.

Presnyakov moved to the USA in September 2022. In February 2023, it was learned that he adopted the pseudonym Nick Pres and began shooting music videos.

Previously Nikita Presnyakov announced the hit concert of the 2000s in Los Angeles.

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Source: Gazeta


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