Switzerland wins Eurovision 2024. Swiss rapper Nemo won Ukraine’s third place at Eurovision 2024 with the song The Code 05/12/2024, 07:24

The winner of Eurovision 2024 was Swiss singer Nemo Mettler’s Nemo with his song The Code. According to the total results of the audience vote and the jury, Switzerland received 591 points. Croatian artist Marko Purisic, known as Baby Lasagna, came second with 547 points with his song Rim Tim Tagi Dim. Ukraine ranks third with 453 points. This year, Ukraine was represented by rap artist Alyona Alyona (Alena Savranenko) and singer Jerry Heil (Yana Shemaeva) with the song Teresa & Maria.

24-year-old rapper Nemo won the competition with his song The Code, which combines rap, opera aria and electronic music.

The song chronicles Nemo’s journey of self-discovery as a non-binary person.

“I hope this competition and its participants can fulfill their promise and continue to defend the peace and dignity of every person in the world,” Nemo said as he accepted the main prize from the stage – a glass microphone that he later broke. but received a new one from the organisers.

One of the final favorites, 20-year-old Israeli singer Eden Golan, finished fifth despite calls from pro-Palestinian activists to boycott her country.

Thousands of protesters gathered in central Malmö ahead of Saturday’s final. As reported ReutersThey waved Palestinian flags and shouted “Eurovision United through Genocide”, a modified version of the contest’s official slogan, “Unity through Music”.

Protesters also pointed out the double standards of the European Broadcasting Union, which banned Russia from participating in Eurovision in 2022 after the start of military operations in Ukraine.

Police used pepper spray to disperse people. Near the Malmö Arena, where the final took place, the famous Greta Thunberg, among other pro-Palestinian activists, was detained.

Another scandal occurred on Saturday with Dutch singer Joost Klein, who was disqualified on the final day. A member of the film crew filed a complaint with the police after the semi-final on May 9. There was information in the media that Klein might have a disagreement with the Israeli delegation, but Eurovision organizers stated that no delegations from other countries were involved in the incident. The Dutch side reported that Klein was suspended for making a “threatening gesture” towards a cameraman who filmed the artist without his consent.

In Russia, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, immediately responded to the final of the music competition. HE published On Telegram, video recording of the performances of Eurovision 2024 participants to the music of Igor Kornelyuk, played at the “Devil’s ball” from the Russian series “The Master and Margarita”. Eurovision 2024 has left any orgies, assemblies or sacrilege behind. In Western Europe, funerals are held as usual. No surprises,” Zakharova wrote.

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Switzerland, represented by rapper Nemo with the song The Code, won Eurovision 2024. Croatia came second and Ukraine came third. The final of the competition in Malmö was accompanied by anti-Israeli protests with the participation of Greta Thunberg. Maria Zakharova has previously stated that Eurovision leaves behind “all kinds of orgies and assemblies”.

Source: Gazeta


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