Uspenskaya offered money to Kirkorov for trousers after the case 17:28

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya was angry on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and was banned in Russia) because her colleague Philip Kirkorov did not withdraw his 10 million ruble claim against her.

Uspenskaya admitted that she was surprised by her colleague’s decision. The blogger was sure that after the “naked” party of Anastasia Ivleeva, Kirkorov would change his behavior.

“Philip, if you need money for trousers, tell me, I’ll give it to you – tell me,” the singer said.

Uspenskaya was angry that Kirkorov asked her for words about misogyny in the current situation in Russia. She noted that the country was “fighting in the Northeastern Military District” and that “the minimum wage in Russia is 19,242 rubles.”

“I want to ask: “Filya, are you sure that you are currently living in the Russian Federation and not on Mars?” Where do these amounts come from? How did you get injured? Read what they write about you in the media, what petitions the country’s citizens create! If you are an artist of the people, at least “lower!” to the people and the life of the country. – concluded the artist.

“Alena, damn it!” In an interview for her program, Uspenskaya called Kirkorov a misogynist. Kirkorov sued the singer, as he was sure that this statement damaged his honor, dignity and business reputation. He demanded 10 million rubles in compensation and 2 million rubles in legal expenses from his stage partner.

Previously Details of the case of Kirkorov and Uspenskaya became known due to remarks about misogyny.

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Source: Gazeta


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