Ural Meatballs star talked about his leg injury 16:10

Actress and comedian Ksenia Korneva said: telegram channelHe said he had a long-term knee injury.

Korneva admitted that a few years ago her leg almost stopped bending. Because of this, the comedian experienced severe pain, which forced him to see a doctor. After the MRI, doctors learned that the artist had damage to his joints.

“Now every year a special gel is pumped there so that the bones do not rub against each other and do not damage the joints,” the actress said.

Ksenia Korneva started her humorous career in KVN. She later participated in the show “Ural Dumplings”. She also appeared in movies she. The comedian played in projects such as “My mother will be against”, “Roots”, “Talls”, “Polar”.

In January 2024, Korneva announced her engagement. She said her son-in-law proposed to her on New Year’s Eve. The artist hid the identity of his lover. comics in april tore get engaged. He broke up with his girlfriend during his trip to Istanbul.

Korneva declared that she would marry when she met a worthy man.

Previously Polina Gagarina explained why she did not comment on her divorce from Iskhakov.

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Source: Gazeta


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