Historical encore at Teatro Real at the premiere of ‘Nabucco’, the final touch of the season

The political and religious conflict behind many conflicts, greed, oppression of the weakest, and distrust of change, Final premiere of the 2021/22 season Royal Theater of MadridFrom Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’ (1813-1901), which is also a historical beeping and clapping night.

You can enjoy it until July 22. 14 more features This title and musical direction, which was not performed here for the first time in 1853 and returned in collaboration with the Zurich Opera (which he lifted the curtain in 2019) under the stage direction of Andreas Homoki, new to Madrid, is by an old acquaintance of these listeners, Nicola Luisotti.

He was one of the most important buyers of the evening. more “bravos” his fellow countryman, “a very good villain”, is the most acclaimed for a role that hooks some of the biggest, including Callas, as well as working as the villainous Abigaille of soprano Anna Pirozzi. In addition to him, today the three cadres of this ‘Nabucco’ are Italian baritone Luca Salsi (Nabucco), American tenor Michael Fabiano (Ismaele), Ukrainian bass Dmitry Belosselsky (Zaccaria), Spanish mezzo-soprano Silvia Tro Santafé (Fenena), Simon Lim ( High Priest), Fabián Lara (Abdallo) and Maribel Ortega (Anna).

This Verdi opera with a libretto by Temistocle Solera, based on the play ‘Nabuchodonosor’ (1836) by Auguste Anicet-Bourgeois and Francis Cornu, and the ballet of the same name (1838) by Antonio Cortesi He recreated the conflict between the Babylonian polytheistic system and the Hebrew monotheistic system.a new and modern vision that ends with this town’s first exile.

Upon its premiere at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan in 1842, a direct identification with the Italian edition under the yoke of the Austro-Hungarian empire was established, making this work a legend. Symbol of ‘Risorgimento’ This led to the unification of the country.

historical encore

In this process, symbolic ‘Va, pensiero’ a performance this Tuesday (praised for her previous work ‘Joan of Arc in Danger’) by the Teatro Real’s Main Choir, playing at the end of the third act, about 5 minutes of applause and first replay requested since reopening 25 years ago.

From the ground, the aria began to sound like the faint whisper of a subjugated public, as she stood up and shook hands, gaining strength and volume to be the counterpoint to all the evils this opera portrays. inspiring song about the strength of the collective against oppression and personal ambition: “Fly, think, on golden wings…”.

There has been no other encore at the Madrid theater since 19 July 2021.In the fifth performance of ‘Tosca’, soprano Sondra Radvanovsky was asked to repeat her ‘Vissi d’arte’ as she had done since its premiere, and also from tenor Jonas Kauffman for ‘Lucevam le stelle’.

Finally, through the costumes designed by the stage designer Wolfgang Gussmann in collaboration with Susana Mendoza. It is worth emphasizing the importance of the stage part by emphasizing the historical parallelism that carried the action from Babylon in the 6th century to Italy in the 19th century. Gussman is also the author of a book. minimalist and simple proposalwith a huge oscillating wall that takes on a totemic dimension and overshadows the individual wishes of the characters in the work, while at the same time allowing the scenes to flow almost without interruption.

But that was the one point that some visitors to the gala didn’t like, who didn’t hesitate to boo the result on an otherwise absolutely brilliant night.

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