“The Three Guides”, an adventure book against childhood cancer

writer from Alicante Carlos Vicuna just published an adventure book, three guidesaimed at gaining readers but above all childhood cancer research funds.

the author of the book, Wednesday 6 at 18:00 Alicante BookstoreHe is an Aspanion volunteer and thus combines the philanthropy profession with literature, as all his income will go to this association.

Player-like personalities Rodolfo Sancotennis player Alex Corretjataekwondo fighter Adriana Cherry, football player Santi CanizaresHallway Effect group, gymnast Ray Zapata judoka Niko Sherazadishvilifootballer Nahikari Garcia and musician filu.

Book Tells the story of Nunteri, An Indian girl from the village of Crin Negra has inherited the “Three Regrets” illness, which has relentlessly progressed to take her with her. Only one person can save him, but there is almost no time. The chosen one will gallop dangerously on their heels to enter an unknown world where the only weapon allowed is a gun. confidence.

three guidesBy Carlos Vicuña is an adventure dedicated to children and adolescents from all over the world for the winners, childish “with a special love for those who are fighting a disease and all whose profits will give a new and great boost to cancer research”:

Presentations will follow next 28 july on pychon bookstore From Alicante, 7:00 pm. Later in Valencia, Castellón, Cartagena and Ciudad Real.

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