Success of Alicante’s Lions clubs charity gala

A large representation of Alicante society attended last weekend Big Night 2022 One of the Alicante Lions clubs celebrating the change of president with a charity dinner in Torre de Rejas.

The Gala not only marked the beginning of a new “Year of the Lions”, but also marked the beginning of the company’s new boards of directors. Alicante Lions Club 22,000 Y Alicante Costablanca Lions Clubco-organizers of the event.

Diego Minor He became the new president of the Alicante Costablanca Lions Club and Humberto H. J. NormeyPresident of Alicante Lions Club 22.00.

Overnight singer-songwriter from Alicante Inma Serrano and Felix Amador and his Flemish company, and also with the participation of the artist Juan Antonio PobladorHe donated several of his works to help supplement the event’s philanthropic proceeds.

More than 100 people and many donors responded to this call for help, which reached record levels in Alicante.

this Lions Clubs It is a worldwide service organization with over 46,000 clubs and 1.5 million active members in 206 countries and philanthropic geographic regions.

Lions pose and perform various poses. humanitarian projects and from the community, through vision prevention programs, international youth camps, disaster relief, education, environment, prevention, diabetes, “guide dog” school or childhood cancer programs.

Source: Informacion


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